Trainings & Presentations

What I can offer you.

You can choose one of my programs and we will adjust it regarding focus, format and language together. There are many possibilities. For inspiration, take a look at my most frequently offered topics and formats in the following. Do not hesitate to contact me if you cannot find your desired topic in the list below, it is not meant to be exhaustive. I can offer my services on your site, in an external facility, but also outdoors or online. 

What is your challenge?

Sustainable Leadership Development
  • From this day onward a leader – understanding the challenges and making first steps
  • Better leading – developing advanced leading competencies
  • Healthy leading – dealing with the demands of everyday life
Intercultural Communication
  • Communication is everything – improving teamwork and team culture
  • Global Citizen – successful communication in an intercultural context
  • Diversity management

Reliable Human Resource Diagnostics
  • Diagnosing and selecting new staff and leaders
  • Assessing staff potential and deriving development methods
  • Image branding – fairness in the selection process

Which format interests you?

  • A training starts with me giving a short and succinct input on the requested topic. Exercises and simulations constitute the largest part of a training. Here, participants develop new skills by applying and trying out the contents of the input. A subsequent reflections helps to foster the newly learned competencies.
  • Do you need professional advice concerning your processes and ideas to optimize them? You can describe your challenges to me in a consultation and I will prepare possible solutions based on scientific research for you.

  • Whether in an internal training, at an expo or during a company event, I am happy to share my knowledge with you in a lively presentation.

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